Workbenches are for Novices
Promise you'll give us a time you may be back next time???

((I do apologize for my long absence. I would have given a return time but the truth is I hadn’t expected to be gone for so long. I’ve been busy with school and auditions and time sort of got away from me. If I can, from now on I’ll give an expected return date))

watch your spelling ladies and g’s.

watch your spelling ladies and g’s.


I thought you were cute as a guy

The general consensus was I was a major douchebag. 

((I’m back from my hiatus, I think I may have found my muse again. Revamped my style and deleted all the old questions in the ask box to give myself a fresh start and get the creative juices flowing again.))

((So I’m in a bit of trouble right now guys. Wanna help out?))

((I’m not in any serious trouble or anything, but I sort of lost my muse for this blog. I still love it to death and I want to keep running it, but every time I start trying to answer something I just get so “meh…” In addition to starting to play New Vegas again, I want to start a little (read:huge) side project to get me back into the swing of things. I really want to do a crossover with the Fallout RP Community and Les Miserables, but I need some casting help. Beneath the cut are the Les Mis character descriptions for anyone interested in having their character included. If multiple people go for the same character I’ll choose the one best suited for the role, though everyone who wants to be included will be in some way, shape, or form (Les Mis has a very large ensemble)))

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